If you are planning to visit Angeles city to get laid with sexy Filipino girls, this guide is for you. Angeles City has the second-largest red-light district in the world with thousands of young and beautiful girls. In the red-light districts, most of the action takes place in girlie bars also known as bikini bars. But there are also freelancer prostitutes in clubs and in the streets.

Most travelers head to the Angeles City bars to find girls and get laid. That is the worst move if you want to meet ladies in Angeles City because you will easily fall into the tourist trap. Both the girls working in the bars and the lady drinks are expensive. Expect to pay as much as 10 USD for a lady drink. That is an outrageous price in The Philippines. The worst part is that Filipinas come in groups to ask you for drinks. You will first have one lady, then 2, then 5 or more girls asking for drinks. Even if you tell them to go they continue begging for a drink. It can become quite annoying and very expensive to enjoy the company of ladies in Angeles City. Therefore, I recommend you not to visit any bars. Also, you don’t need to pick hookers from the streets because there are plenty of girls who want sex with a “handsome” foreign man.

I recommend you to meet “normal” Filipinas from the dating apps. There are thousands of girls online dreaming to meet a foreign man. They want to be your girlfriend and are ready to do anything to please you in the hope of getting married. Filipinas are friendly, easy-going, and eager to meet you. It is well known that Filipinas in Angeles offers an awesome girlfriend experience.


Girls in Angeles City are horny and you will find many Filipinas willing to please you. For sure, you will hook up with a sexy girl once you step out of your room. You might meet a good looking girl working in a shop, and with some talking, you can see her after work. Or maybe you will hook up with that sexy girl you met online. Angeles City offers a lot in terms of entertainment and girls, and it’s impossible don’t get laid in this town. Angeles’ girls are there to meet a foreign man like you.

On Walking Street and Perimeter Road, there are clusters of bikini bars where you can pick girls for a price. The best Angeles City Bars are Club Atlantis, Dollhouse, and Viking Bar. The best time in Perimeter road bars to pick up girls is between 3-6 pm, and in Walking Street between 8-10 pm. Bar hopping is an expensive way to get girls in Angeles City, but it is easy. However, if you are searching for naughty girls you can use a dating app. This way you won’t have to pay to get laid. Just start a conversation, get to know each other, and hook up.

There are four nightclubs in Angeles City where you can pick up girls. Some have mostly freelancers, and others have a better ratio of regular girls and prostitutes. The best time to visit is after midnight until late in the morning. The standard price for a freelancer is 1.000+ pesos (20 USD), plus all the drinks on your bill. When the clubs close, late in the morning, the freelancers go to work as street hookers at the entrance and in the middle of Walking Street. You could pick up those girls in the street for a cheaper price before they go home.


Online dating is popular among girls in Angeles City and around the country. There are so many young and attractive girls craving to meet you and have fun. There are dating sites that connect Filipinas with foreign men, and the girls are eager to chat. If you want to get excellent results, start to message the girls before your trip. It allows you to build a list of hot babes eager to meet you. The best dating site to meet ladies in Angeles is Pina Love, which is the most popular dating site in Angeles City and the Philippines.

There is no point to visit the red light district in Angeles when there are so many sweet girls online. If you are looking for a girlfriend in Angeles City for a few days to get lost in long conversations and longer nights of passionate sex, you should use a dating site. Just imagine having a young, beautiful, and horny woman with you in Angeles City. Having a temporary Filipina girlfriend is the best way to enjoy this part of the country. Expect romantic and intimate moments at night while she shows you around town during the day.

To begin on a dating site, write a few lines about yourself and upload a profile photo looking at your best. When searching for girls in Angeles City, keep in mind to look for Pampanga. Build a list of girlfriends, and meet up once you arrive in Angeles City.


If this is your first time traveling here, you might be wondering what is the cost for girls in Angeles City. The rates here aren’t so extreme like in Manila, but also not so cheap. Bar girls will cost you 1.800 pesos for a short time up to 4.500 Pesos for all night. Freelancers will charge you 1.500 pesos for all night.


Angeles City has many scammers. If you are not prepared properly, you might have to deal with corrupted police. They will actively work with locals to place you in jail and extort money.

No one likes troubles. I recommend you to have a local temporary girlfriend. She can help you to plan all sorts of things, and keep you safe from scammers. It’s essential to have a local girlfriend in a foreign country to avoid troubles. In addition, girls in Angeles City are outgoing, fun, and they know how to treat a man. They are a pleasure to have around.

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