Undeniably, many European cities are the best cities for single men. All cities have beautiful women with a great personality. But in my personal opinion, 3 cities are the winners.


Budapest girls are some of the sweetest females you will ever encounter in the whole of Europe. Just like with the overall atmosphere of the city recent history also reflects in females: Budapest girls are feminine and attractive while at the same time they are no ice queens.

While you will see lots of the obnoxious beer ride things, Budapest is (not yet) a stag-party haven like Riga or maybe even Prague. As it is still a bit farther away from Western Europe than, say, Prague, Budapest isn’t totally washed out from cheap city tourism, either.

Even with a growing influx of dead-beat tourists from Britain and Germany Budapest girls manage to keep their charm. Some of the most feminine and most attractive women I ever met are in Budapest.


The females you will see in the city of Kiev are some of the most attractive ones in the world. Ask the average Joe on the street to name three countries with attractive women and he will probably come up with Brazil, Russia – and Ukraine.

And Joe is right. The average level of female attractiveness in Kiev is a slap in the face for almost any other European city, with Oslo and Stockholm perhaps being negotiable exceptions. Kiev girls are tall, slim, and slender and they embrace their feminity through skirts and heels instead of piercings and dyed hair.


Here is Berlin’s most obvious downside, Berlin girls are by a large margin the most unappealing girls you will find in the whole of Germany.

A lot of this has to do with the fact that after the fall of the Berlin Wall almost half of the city’s population left to try their luck in Western Germany. A good deal of the “empty seats” were refilled by the bazillions of state agencies (and their employees) that now chose Berlin, the new capital of united Germany, as their new headquarters.

Now, what do you get when you have a city that is famous but has never been rich and that now stands half-empty with low prices for rent?

That’s right, you get a hipster plague. Since the mid-1990s there has been a constant influx of “artists” and other bohemian city slickers that have declared Berlin their new Mekka. As uninspiring as that may sound, the battle is by no means over. Berlin is bigger than the hordes of slackers from Chile and Australia that have turned the city into a playground for metrosexuals.

With almost 3,5 million people Berlin may well be home to quite a bulk of face-tattooed freaks and hipster girls, the good news is that considering its size, reputation, and sought-after-ness Berlin also acts as a magnet for women from all over the world. Even number-wise the amount of female exchange students, expats, visitors, and travelers puts the hipster crowd to shame.

When in Berlin you simply do not depend on German girls whatsoever as the city is teeming with women from every corner of the world. Take advantage of the housing situation where prices have definitely gone up in the last years but still are laughably cheap in comparison to Paris, London, or Rome and make Berlin your European version of New York City with the same amount of international girls in the city.

In fact, Berlin is so big it features its own version of a Little Italy which here is called Charlottengrad, the biggest enclave of Russians in a Western European city. With this in mind, the technically unfavorable odds of meeting attractive women in Berlin should be the last thing for you to worry about.

You don’t even have to look far as downtown places like the Garden of Lust (“Lustgarten”) have a never-ending supply of girls from basically everywhere and they are all in vacation-mode.

If that doesn’t suit you then you can always go for some full-on debauchery in Berlin’s excessive nightlife that is home to venues like the infamous KitKat Club or the world-famous Berghain.

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