Cafe Havana opened a branch in Greenbelt, Makati around 2001, with the hope of catering to Makati’s growing expat community. To this day, Havana remains one of the most crowded restaurants and bars at the Greenbelt 2 ground floor row. Tourists and expats make up most of the crowd in Café Havana. It deserves its place in lists of nightspots in Makati with live Latin music and dancing.

Cafe Havana is a place to pick up girls: although most of the girls there are freelance prostitutes. It’s often full of Western and Middle Eastern men and young Filipino women. There are also countless anecdotes of innocent ladies, just minding their own business, being mistaken for escorts by foreigners just because they had happened to pick a table that was a little too close to Cafe Havana.

The place is great for a drink and I recommend that you visit it. Havana’s mojitos are said to be one of the best in the city. The main attraction apart from the beautiful girls is the live band playing Latin Music. It is a nice place to sit outside in the evening and have a few drinks, the prices are reasonable. the snacks are very good. the ladies in the red dresses are nice. The place is a great pickup spot for expats in greenbelt.

The place is absolutely amazing with great outdoor seatings, the drinks are not very expensive, and is a perfect eat place for just getting away from the city traffic and enjoy some drinks in the open. They do have live music inside and people dancing away on the Latin songs.

Definitely must visit once if anyone is around Makati or in Manila.

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