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I have been to Cafe Havana many times during the past years. It continues to be a great place to sit down for a long time and enjoy delicious food, drinks, and a lively atmosphere, especially during night time. I have made there many new friends from other countries. Cafe Havana has good live Latin bands and great dance music. The food and cocktails are great and it is one of the best restaurants in the Greenbelt area.

For my latest visit, I took a taxi outside my hotel to Cafe Havana Greenbelt 3.  Greenbelt is a popular Shopping Plaza in Makati. The place was is pretty lively, most people sit outside rather than inside.  There were a few expats around. And there were some girls playing with their phones waiting for a foreigner to talk to them.  Cafe Havana Cafe is very popular with Filipino freelancers at night.

The food was great, and also there was a great atmosphere. I ordered Tapas and all of the dishes were really good. It was not cheap but also not expensive. The service is excellent too.

Where is Cafe Havana Located?

Cafe Havana is located in Greenbelt 3 , Makati Avenue, Greenbelt , Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

If you try to pick up girls in Greenbelt on this patio there is a good chance they will be freelancing hookers who are making the rounds near Cafe Havana, especially after dark. Nice in the day time and early evening, good food and nice serving staff – by nightfall it all changes and hookers come out in droves

Greenbelt Hooker Prices

There’s no fixed price of sex, depends on your negotiation skills but expect to pay around 2,000 – 3,000 pesos (41 to 62 USD) short time and maybe 4,000 (83 USD) for long time (all night). Basically the same as a P. Burgos bargirl without a bar fine. If you’re not in a hurry get their number and text them lower offers, they’ll accept later they don’t find a customer.

Best Strategy

What I do is just get a coffee to takeaway at Seattle’s Best Coffee, see if there’s any hot freelancers on the benches outside, if so get their number or sit and chat.

If not, I walk over to Starbucks to do the same, taking a look at Havana on the way without going in. Repeat for a few laps trying to check out as many girls as possible.

About 9-10 pm the most girls are there. The mall closes but the open air area stays open late.

Then if you strike out head to P. Burgos bikini bars just down the road. Hotter, younger bargirls there.

Or you can go around 7-8 pm and eat at Greenbelt to start the night off, maybe bump into some cute normal girls before the mall closes. Then get a good seat somewhere overlooking the action.

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