In this guide, I give you the complete overview of hookers and prices for sex in Vietnam. The hot spots in this industry are of course the big cities of Saigon and Hanoi, but you also won’t find it difficult to get laid in other tourist towns like Da Nang.

Vietnamese Beer Girls

The beer girls are those in beer bard in places like Bui Vien Street, Saigon. They will sit, drink, and chat with you as long as you buy drinks for both of you. These bars often also have pool tables and TVs with live sports, which make them popular among westerners. However note that the girls are not always available for “take out” – and that’s the main difference to the beer bars in Thailand where you can just pay the bar fine and take her with you.

Vietnamese Hostess Girls

Hostess girls are working in more discrete bars where people on the street cannot see through the windows. The best example here is the hostess bars in Little Japan, Saigon. Here you cannot only have a drink and chat with young Vietnamese ladies on comfortable sofas in the bars but also take them to your hotel for a certain price.

Vietnamese KTV Girls

KTV girls are working in the karaoke bars or KTVs where you would rent a private room for around 200 to 300k dong per hour (8 to 12 USD), get to choose a girl, sing some songs, drink, and just have fun with the girl (or girls).


You need to buy at least one lady drink if you want some company in Vietnam’s girly bars, and that will be about 100-120k either for a glass of whiskey coke or tequila shot. As for the sex prices, that’s negotiable of course, but the general prices are 500k for a short time (one time sex) and 1,000k for a long time (overnight). The hostess bars usually charge a bar fine of 300-500k on top of that – in order to compensate for the loss of business if you take one of their girls with you.

Vietnamese Club Freelancers

Many girls rather prefer to work on their own instead of sharing their revenue with the bar owners. There are thousands of club freelancers in Vietnam, and it’s usually quite simple to spot them: It’s mostly the girls who make the first eye contact and smile at or even talk to you.

The main hot spots to meet club freelancers are Lush and Apocalypse Now in Saigon, 1900 Le Theatre, and Hangover Bar in Hanoi, and Golden Pine Pub in Da Nang.


Similar sex prices as for the bar girls with the difference that you won’t have to pay a bar fine to the manager as they are freelancers – 500k for a short time and 1,000k for a long time.

Vietnamese Massage Girls

There may not be as many of these small massage salons that provide happy endings compared to Thailand, but instead you will find lots and lots of naughty hotel massages.

The best example here would be the Dai Nam Hotel in Saigon where you can get a hot stone massage for 270k including free usage of the sauna, steam room, and relaxation area. The massage ladies there are young and very attractive, and the message always ends with a hand job – you tip them 300-400k and that’s it.

Similar erotic massages in other cities are Lady Windy Spa in Hanoi and the Thu Bon Hotel in Da Nang.


You always pay separately for the massage itself (300-400k) and the tip for the happy ending (300-500k, which is usually strictly handed job only).

Vietnamese Blow Job Girls

Probably the most infamous type of hooker in Vietnam are the blow job girls working in the special kind of hot tocs (hair salons). They used to be only known among the local Vietnamese men, but during the past few years there are a few blow job salons in Saigon which are catering to foreigners, the most famous of which is Benny.


Usually 400k for a “blow & go”.

Vietnamese Street Hookers

Since prostitution is technically illegal in Vietnam, you won’t see as many street hookers at night, But in Bui Vien Street in Saigon, you will see a few women in short skirts standing around and smiling at foreigners.


Not more than 500k for a short time (negotiable).

Vietnamese Sugar Babes

There are popular alternatives to dating sites among foreigners, where you sign up and create a profile, then reach out to one of the many sexy girls and tell them what you are looking for – someone to spend your holiday in Vietnam with or maybe even more than that. It’s not difficult to make them become your temporary or permanent girlfriend – but they expect that you pay for all their expenses, and sometimes also some additional pocket money.

Sugarbook - #1 Sugar Daddy Dating App


In addition to the financial support for the girls, there’s a charge per 30 days for the premium account at these sugar daddy websites (you’ll need that upgrade in order to send and receive messages).

Vietnamese Free Girls

If you come to Vietnam with the goal to meet a nice local lady, you have a few different options to go about this: You could either go to a night club like Lush in Saigon or Hangover Bar in Hanoi – the problem here: you might end up talking to a hooker who won’t go home with you without you paying her money.

Similar to the most obvious option which is of course paying for love and sex, means you just go to an erotic massage parlor, blow job salon or simply call an escort to your hotel room – the problem here: it costs money as well, and most guys here obviously don’t like the idea of paying for playing.

So the only way to meet “good” Vietnamese girls is either talking to them in everyday situations like in restaurants (which can be quite a time consuming thin and you don’t really know if she’s already got a boyfriend or not) or to simply use an online dating site.

Some dating sites have more than 800,000 members, which makes it easy to meet hot Vietnamese girls willing to meet a foreigner like you.

It’s the most reliable (you know these girls are single and actively looking for guys), most convenient (you can arrange the dates from your phone in your hotel room, or even at home before starting your trip) and cheapest way (most girls won’t ask you for money, you’d just take them for dinner, coffee or a movie) to find a temporary or permanent girlfriend in Vietnam.

Of course, with hundreds of thousands of women on the site it makes sense to use the search filter and for example choose to show only users from Saigon, aged between 19 and 28, and recently been active (which increases your chances for a reply).

And even with a customized search like this one, you’ll get hundreds, if not thousands of users to check out – which is really easy to do as you’ll get to see their profile pics along with the most important information (age, tagline, seeking and last login). What I like to do is to right click on a girl that looks nice, click “open in a new tab” and then look for more girls.

After I’ve opened the profiles of about 10 girls, I take a look at them individually – you will find more information about them and, most importantly, more pictures:

Then I just send my message and tell the girl that I am coming to Vietnam for a holiday and since I am alone and single it would be great to have a friend who would like to spend some time with me and show me her favorite cafes in Saigon. Something like that. I don’t write standardized introductions like “Hi, how are you? You are really cute”, as every guy and his dogs do. I am a little more precise in what I do and what I’m looking for.

It makes also sense to download the dating app for your smartphone, so you can contact each other in case one of you runs late for the date (remember that traffic in Vietnamese cities can be terrible, especially in Saigon and Hanoi). Of course, you can also exchange phone numbers and chat on WhatsApp, that’ll work just as well.


Vietnam with its 93 million people is one of the best countries in Asia to meet some really hot ladies. At the same time, things can get pretty chaotic, not just in terms of finding (and getting to) bars and clubs to meet girls, but also because of the fact that these places are often filled with prostitutes or girls who are simply not interested in foreigners.

With so many different choices to meet girls in Vietnam, it’s really hard to say what’s the best one. But with the dating site you’ll spend like half the money to take your girl for dinner and even get a much better experience than during a quick short time with a hooker from the night club. You’ll figure it out for yourself.

There are countless nice Vietnamese women that you’ll never meet in the nightlife spots, partly because they are too shy, partly because they don’t drink alcohol, and partly because they don’t want to mess with the much more confident hookers. That’s why the dating site is such a great tool to meet these “normal” girls who would be otherwise pretty much unapproachable in “real life”.

Stay Safe

One note about the KTVs. Additional arrangements are always to be negotiated with the managers, but let me tell you that they are usually not very foreigner-friendly. They often overcharge foreigners and so I would not really recommend you to visit these places – every other type of hooker on this list will give you a way better value for the money.

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