People visit Thailand for the beaches, temples and eating spicy food, but we assume you are reading this because you also want to enjoy yourself with young and attractive Thai girls. It’s a bit confusing for guys coming to Pattaya for the first time – like what are “beer bars” and how do they differentiate themselves from the go-go bars, especially price-wise, or how do I know if a certain massage salon offers happy endings, and do I need to negotiate the “extras” beforehand? What price is reasonable for a blow job? And how about these “soapy massages”? Or what is the difference between street girls or freelancers in the clubs that try to hook up with you? Is it safe to take a girl back to your hotel? Does my hotel even allow to bring women to my room? Can I really meet open-minded girls who don’t want money? Yes, right!

In this article we will cover some of those questions you probably have while you are planning your first trip to Thailand, and especially Pattaya.



The beer bars, also called girly bars, are by far the easiest and most popular places among foreigners who want to meet girls in the nightlife. It doesn’t even feel like you are in a red light venue. The atmosphere in these bars is so relaxed and easy and you don’t need to commit to anything – you could just sit there, watch the scene and drink your beer. In this kind of bar, a beer usually costs around 90 baht (around 3 US dollars) and lady drinks cost around 150 baht (5 US dollars). Thai whiskey costs around 800 baht (25 USD).

We recommend that you enter the bar, sit down, and order your drink. If you like one of the bar girls, you can call her over, chat with her and invite her for a lady drink. The rule is basically that as soon as you buy her a drink, you can also touch her. You can play pool or any other games with her, or just have a chat. These bar girls will usually give you a girlfriend experience because they don’t really appear like typical prostitutes. If you like to take a girl to your hotel room, you can pay her barfine, which is a payment made by a customer to the owner of the bar that allows a dancer, hostess, or some other employee of that bar to leave work early, usually in order to accompany the customer outside the bar. This compensates the bar owner for missed income.

Note that the price for the barfine has to be paid separately to the price for sex with the girl.

The average price for a barfine is 1,000 baht (31 US dollars). This is paid to the bar. You should negotiate only with the girl the price for sex. Never negotiate or mention this to the bar. And pay directly to the girl for sex in your hotel room (after you had sex). The price for the girl from a beer bar should be no more than 2,000 baht for long-time companionship (all night). In most cases, you can have sex again with the girl in the morning and then pay her to leave. If you want to see her again the next night, just tell her and exchange Line IDs, and not phone numbers. In Thailand, the Line app is very popular and almost everyone has it installed on their phones. You should install Line too on your phone if you want to communicate with Thai girls.


The go-go bars are very similar to the beer bars, but they normally have the hottest girls. When you walk inside, you will be accompanied to your seat by a hostess. Order a drink and watch the girls dancing on the stage. Most bars will have topless girls and normally after midnight, those hot girls will be totally naked.

The same procedure with the barfine works here to get a girl to your hotel room. Prices are a bit more expensive than in the beer bars. Expect to pay 160 baht (5 USD) for a beer, 250 baht (8 USD) for lady drinks, 1,500 baht (47 USD) for the barfine, and 4,000 baht (126 USD) for sex all night.


The night clubs are great places to meet hot girls. The advantage here is that the girls are not employed by the clubs, so you won’t have to pay for expensive lady drinks or barfines.

The hookers here are different than your regular hooker. They do not consider themselves hookers. They are girls who want to find a new boyfriend but in the meantime, they want to make some bucks. They look like normal girls and sometimes it’s not easy to tell the difference between a working girl and a “normal” girl. But remember, you are in Pattaya and most likely she is a hooker and will not ask you for any money until you send her off the next day.

You will find similar drink prices like in the beer bars – beers are in the 80-150 baht range (2.50 to 5 USD). If like to drink whiskey or vodka, then a much better deal would be to buy a bottle – you can usually get a Red Label for about 1,500 baht (47 USD). You will not find Thai whiskey (like Blend or Sang Som) in the nightclubs or go-go bars.

You do not need to pay a barfine in the clubs. Sex for a full night will cost you 2,000 baht (63 USD) – which is nothing if you consider 8 hours with a girl, or 8 US dollars per hour. An if she likes you, and you want, she could stay for several days and nights with you for even less, and you will get the full girlfriend experience.


A full body massage in Thailand will cost you from 300 to 400 baht. The happy ending will cost you extra depending on the girl. When you walk around Pattaya, you will see the massage girls wearing sexy clothes or yell at you things like “hello! welcome, massage” If you like a particular masseuse, tell her, choose a full body massage, follow her to the massage room, get naked, lie on your chest, and enjoy her massage. Usually, after you have turned on your back and she massages your legs, she will ask you “massage here?” while pointing on your penis.

An oil massage usually costs 300 baht (9 USD) in Pattaya, and the standard tip for a hand job is 500 Baht. Blow jobs and sex are usually not offered in these small massage shops.


The soapy massage parlors have long been the favorite place for Thai men to escape from their women at home for a few hours. The entrance is free. You can sit down somewhere in the lobby and order a drink. There will be a big showroom with a glass in front like a fishbowl. The girls are usually divided into groups (fishbowl girls, sideliners & models), each with different prices. Most of the parlors in Pattaya have air mattresses where the girls put plenty of soap on your body and then slide up and down with their boobs, ass, and all their body.

A male manager, will usually come to you and tell you the prices – it’s all-inclusive of a bath, a short massage, and sex. You can have a few beers first, relax and enjoy before you make up your choice. You will pick a girl, pay at the counter, go to the room with her, take a bath, have sex, and leave. Prices are around 3,000 baht (95 USD) for short term sex. We still think getting a freelancer in a club is a much better value for money.


You will find street hookers along Beach Road in Pattaya. You just walk right up to them, say hi, how are you, what’s your name, and how much. Most of these girls are out for short time, so they can come back to the same spot right after and look for their next customer.

Some of these girls are just as attractive as any girl in the beer bar, but don’t want to share their income with the owner, or want to make more money by having many short-term customers. Some may have been kicked out from a beer bar because they stole or even have sexual diseases – so be careful, and always use a condom, like with any other hooker all over the World as well.

Prices go around 800 baht (25 USD) for a short-time session and 1,500 baht (47 USD) for a long-time session. And they are, of course, negotiable.


Yes, you can simply visit a blow job bar, and have one of the girls suck your dick while you drink your beer. If you want more privacy, then you can also go upstairs with your girl where they have some seating niches which are separated by curtains but you can usually hear other girls sucking other customers’ dicks at the same time. They suck without condoms, unless you ask them to use one.

Prices go for 700 to 800 baht (22 to 25 USD) for the blow job.


You don’t need to restrict yourself only to hookers. You can try your luck and approach “normal” girls everywhere in Thailand. Don’t be shy and simply approach the girls in everyday life situations, like in the shopping mall, street, or in the restaurant.

As a foreigner walking around Pattaya, you will get a lot of looks from the ladies, who will think you are handsome. But often, they are just too shy to interact with you in public and their English skills are poor. You could still walk around and approach them yourself, say hi, have a short talk, and ask them for their Facebook or Line contact. You could tell them it’s your first time in Thailand, you are alone, and have no friends yet. So you would like to be their friend. No money needed apart from buying them a coffee, lunch, a beer at a night club. But don’t forget, this is Pattaya. And in many cases, your “normal” girl could be working in the sex industry at night.


Bringing any girl to your hotel room will be safer (or less risky) if you use your common sense. You should follow the rules that apply to sex with a hooker in any country. Be careful while taking a shower back in your hotel. Take your valuables with you into the bathroom, or put them in the safe. And always wear a condom.

The beer bar and go-go girls are employed by the bar, so you know where you can find her the next day in case there are issues (she knows that too). Freelancers or street hookers have a bigger risk but don’t be drunk, use your common sense, pay what you agreed on, and no girl in Thailand will steal or run away from you.


You probably have heard or read that phrase already if you’ve done some research for your Thailand trip online. When paying for Thai hookers, you have 2 choices: Short Time = 1 shot and/or 1-2 hours and Long Time = several shots, and for the whole night.

Always pay the girls after you’ve had sex. If you go into a go-go bar and the mamasan wants you to pay upfront, including the sex in your barfine, you should say no. You may have problems afterward like the girl suddenly saying she feels tired and wants to go home after the first round (even though you paid for long time). Or they will not do what was part of the deal (e.g. no blow job, or in some cases they not even want to have sex at all). Will you get back your money the next day when you complain at the bar? Of course not. So don’t let them fool you – the sex comes first, and then the payment. That’s the correct order, and it will always be like that in Thailand.


Unfortunately not. In fact, many hotels don’t allow Thai women in their rooms (those that join the foreigners of course), while others charge a so called “joiner fee” of usually 1,000 Baht so they get their share of the business as well. However, there are more than enough hotels in every price category which are “girl-friendly“. They will just ask for the Thai ID card while she is in your room, others don’t care at all.


The best place is at the clubs where you can find a variety of hot girls willing to have sex for money. When the go-go bars close, around 2 AM, some of the hottest girls go to have fun at the nightclubs. Then you can take a very hot girl to your room without paying a barfine. And it is a lot of fun to hang out with those girls.

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