Getting laid from nightclubs is very simple after you figure out how it works. So, in this post, I’m going to share some great tips to help you get laid and make the process so much easier for you. Having a one-night stand could become a very common thing for you.

Women in Nightclubs

You first need to know that around 65% of women admit to having experienced a one-night stand before.

Most of the women you meet in nightclubs are the innocent-looking women that you see during the day. Just because she looks innocent, it doesn’t mean she’s never had a one-night stand. Likewise, just because a woman is in a nightclub, it doesn’t mean that she has no family values and wouldn’t be a trustworthy woman.

Most women hope they will find the right guy so they don’t have to sleep around and can get on with enjoying a committed relationship that lasts for life.

The women that you meet in clubs will usually behave as though they are innocent girls who’ve never had sex, but most of them are open to having sex with you and seeing where it goes. If you start a relationship, great, but if not that isn’t a problem either. In fact, 55% of couples admit to having had sex on their first date.

Many guys make the mistake of going through the dating process thinking they need to date a woman 3-4 times before she will like him enough to have sex. Yet, statistically speaking, most women that you meet are open to having sex on the first or second night. Any longer than that you may lose her. Some women will feel as though the guy is lacking confidence, or doesn’t find her sexy enough to make a move. She will often just assume that there isn’t a sexual spark and they are more like friends. Once she considers you just a friend, you will not bang her, never ever.

So, when you go out to a nightclub, walk into the club knowing that pretty much every woman that you’re looking at in the club has had a one-night stand before. You should also accept that you are going to walk into a nightclub and you are going to get a one-night stand too.

Be Confident

When it comes to getting laid from nightclubs, it’s important to be confident and be in a good mood. Remember to smile a lot in a confident and relaxed way. If you’re not a very confident guy or don’t have a high level of skill with women, then make sure that you do whatever you can to feel confident and be in a good mood to approach women without hesitation.

When you’re walking into a club or bar, smile and then start talking to some women. Keep smiling throughout the night too and have a good time at the bar or club. When women can see that you’re happy and in a good mood, they feel more comfortable about meeting you.

Smile, feel good about yourself, and allow others to feel good in your presence. It helps you to get into the right sort of mood and maintain it, rather than feeling overwhelmed by all the different people in the club who aren’t smiling at you and welcoming you into their groups. Smiling and feeling good about yourself gives you an advantage over other guys – women will find you more attractive because you’re confident and in a good mood.

Approach immediately

Don’t walk into a club and think, “I’m going to get a drink first” or “I’m going to look around first.” You don’t want to give yourself a chance to start feeling insecure or feeling like an outsider in the bar or club. Approach the first decent woman that you see, even if that woman is the female hostess who is greeting patrons as they come in. Approach and talk to her smiling. It’s not about picking those women up, but about getting the vibe going for yourself and being social. As long as you talk in a confident, easy-going way, women will respond well to you.

Whilst in the process of approaching immediately, try to look for women who are the most open to being approached by guys. Look for women who are standing facing the crowd and not talking to anyone. Also, look for women who are regularly looking around the bar or club. Those are very approachable women. Avoid women who are locked in an eye-to-eye conversation and have their backs turned away from the crowd. They are not open at all to being approached.

Women want sex just as much as men

But can’t be as obvious about it. A woman can’t go around showing that she is very interested in sex or that she will have sex easily because most guys will then assume think that she is slutty and couldn’t be trusted in a relationship. She’s has to be a bit shy and pretend that she doesn’t ever have sex, so that a guy will feel as though he’s almost getting her to have sex for the first time.

Show your sexual interest in her in a confident, discreet, mature manner. If you show sexual interest in a woman and she doesn’t like it, then you know that she probably isn’t going to have sex with you or anyone else that night. If you want to get laid that night, it’s better to find the women who are open to being sexual with you.

Women are rarely get shown sexual interest by a confident guy who does it in an easy-going, discreet, and mature manner (i.e. not in a sleazy way). They are usually only approached by drunk guys who are not mature, discreet, and easy-going. You must do it right, so she will like it and it will build up sexual tension between you and her that will draw her to you like a magnet. A simple way to show your sexual interest in a woman is to walk up to her, smile in a confident, easy-going manner, and confidently say, “You’re sexy…I like you”. She will smile, love it, giggle, and feel lucky that she is in the presence of an alpha male who isn’t afraid to show his sexual interest.

Women are insecure about their looks

95% of women don’t consider themselves to be beautiful. This means that almost every woman you meet has insecurity about her looks and does not think she is beautiful. Yes, even that super hot babe 10 feels she is not beautiful. She may behave as though she is the hottest woman in the world, but secretly she doesn’t even feel as though she is very sexy or beautiful.

It may sound strange, but it’s true. Any Woman looks around at the billboards of the photoshopped models and she knows that she doesn’t look like that. She knows that before she puts on her makeup to go out, she looks like a completely different woman. Yes, it happens a lot that you bang a hot chick from a club and then you see her after she’s taken off her makeup, and you see that she looks completely different without it.

Most women like it when a guy shows his sexual interest and lets her know that he finds her sexy. Women need you to show your sexual interest so she can then feel good enough around you, instead of acting confident when she is secretly insecure about her looks. The reality is that if a woman feels insecure about her looks and you don’t let her know that you think she is sexy, she will often play hard to get to make you chase her more so she can feel confident.

Just tell her that she is sexy. She knows that you like her and she is excited to be interacting with a guy who isn’t afraid of her or afraid of being rejected. A guy who understands this will look at a woman with utter belief in himself, rather than looking at her and hoping that she might like him. He knows that a woman feels attracted to a man’s confidence, so he’s not worried about whether or not she is attracted to him because that part of the process is taken care of already.

You don’t need to be her friend to bang her

In fact, you can’t bang her if you are her friend.

Many guys go through life thinking they have to be a woman’s friend first before she likes them enough to have sex with them. They think they have to be a gentleman and show her that they respect women and don’t expect sex. They think they have to show her that they are really nice guys.

None of that thinking will ever get you laid.

The way that it actually works, is that a woman is primarily interested in whether or not she is sexually attracted to you first and they don’t care at that moment if you are a good guy or not. Being a good guy will not get her wet and wanting to have sex with you. Women don’t feel horny with you if you are her friend.

Once she tags you as your friend, you are doomed. You will not get out from that classification. She will never have sex with you.

Kiss her

If you want to get laid from nightclubs, you will usually at least have to kiss the girl before she will be willing and open to leaving the venue with you. If you get to the end of the night and still haven’t kissed her, it won’t make much sense for her to leave with you and then be alone with you. To her, you will still feel more like a friend than anything else. Kissing creates a private connection between you and a woman where sex becomes inevitable.

Women rarely reject kisses from guys they are attracted to. She might shy away from the kiss if she’s worried about her coworkers seeing, in which case you should try to get alone with her first- Go to the bar together and find a private place in the bar to sit down for 5 minutes.

One of the ways to kiss a woman in a nightclub is after dancing. When you stop dancing, hold her close in front of you so you are face to face and making eye contact. Her reaction to that will usually tell you whether or not she is open to kiss you. If she stands there smiling and maintaining eye contact with you, there’s a 99% chance she will be open to being kissed right then and there, so just lean in and it will happen.

However, if she is turning her head away and avoiding eye contact in an uncomfortable way, it usually means that you haven’t attracted her properly because you’re not being confident around her or haven’t included a sexual vibe. Just move on, go home alone to sleep, and try again next week.

Take her to another venue

If you have kissed the girl, she may be open to going straight home with you after meeting in a club. So do that.

If, however, she is not ready yet (for example if she feels shy in front of her friends), take her to another bar, club, before taking her home with you. Going to another bar or club with her is an escalation to the next level. She is personally going to a new place with you, rather than just talking to you as though you are a random guy in a bar or club that isn’t going to be a part of her life. Going to another venue with you will make her feel like she is on the second date. So she will be more open to having sex with you tonight.

Even if she does go somewhere else with you, she might still behave as though she isn’t going to have sex with you, but secretly be hoping that you keep pushing things forward. The only way to know is to move things forward. Kiss her when you are on the way to the next venue, and also when you get there.


Statistically speaking, when talking to a woman in a club, there’s at least a 70% chance that she’s had a one-night stand before and she will likely do it again if you can seduce her. That doesn’t mean that every woman at a nightclub wants a one night stand, but if you’re going to pull a one night stand, the best place to find a woman for that is at a nightclub.

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