So you want to find a Vietnamese girlfriend but you don’t know where to get started. I will show you here how to find a Vietnamese girl that respects a man and is loyal to him. This is because you want only to meet girls that are honest and with genuine intentions to find a foreign boyfriend.

Vietnamese girls are the sweetest, most loving, and loyal women you’ll ever find. On top of that, they take great care in how they look. They are a great choice as a life partner if you value beautiful and feminine women.


In Vietnam, there is a good number of easy girls looking for a foreign boyfriend just for financial interests. And that is not a bad thing if you are just looking to get laid. But when the girl isn’t honest about her true intentions and takes advantage of the kindness of her generous boyfriend, that’s a gold digger. 

Fortunately, they are pretty easy to spot. If she asks you for money even before you both meet up face to face, she is a scammer. Don’t listen to her pity stories, you aren’t a priest or the red cross. So move on.

When you meet up, the girl you don’t want as a girlfriend is the one that goes back to your room on the first date. Decent Vietnamese girls are conservative and shy, and they won’t sleep with you so easily. And if she drinks alcohol or likes to party, she might be a suitable holiday girlfriend for a few weeks, but not a permanent girlfriend.


It depends on what sort of relationship you are looking for. If you’re looking for a serious relationship, there is no better place then a dating site or through your social circle. But if you’re looking for a girlfriend with benefits, use an arrangement site.

If you’re an expatriate working in Vietnam, your best option to find a girlfriend is through your social circle. Ask your Vietnamese friends, coworkers, and even the neighbor if they know any girl interested to date a foreigner. You’ll be surprised how helpful your social circle is to get you into a relationship with a Vietnamese girl. And don’t be shocked when they’ll introduce sisters, cousins, and best friends to you.

If you don’t live in Vietnam or don’t have any local connection, the best way to find a good Vietnamese girlfriend is to use a dating site like Cherry Blossom. There are many girls looking for a serious relationship with a foreign man. Create a profile, upload a photo and you are ready to go. Message several girls, set up a few video calls, and pick carefully your new girlfriend.

Having a serious relationship isn’t for everybody. Even though Vietnamese women are great partners, they are always women, so they have tantrums from time to time, are jealous and possessive. So if you don’t appreciate restricted freedom or to get into unreasonable arguments, simply get yourself a “sugar baby”. This way you can get into a short time relationship. A sugar baby in Vietnam is usually a young student who needs financial assistance to complete her studies. She offers friendship, companionship, and intimacy exactly like a girlfriend but without drama, jealousy, and nagging.


Just imagine having a young and beautiful Vietnamese girlfriend. She offers companionship and intimate moments.

The best Vietnamese girlfriends are university girls and ladies working in an office job. Both have a good education that isn’t granted to everyone in Vietnam. In fact, the majority of girls have low or no education at all. Educated women are more likely to have better relationships values like honesty, loyalty, and trust. On the other hand, women who lack higher education are more likely prone to cheating, conning, and lying.

The worst Vietnamese girlfriends are the ones working in the nightlife industry and hookers. Even as holiday girlfriends they aren’t worth the trouble. Uneducated Vietnamese girls aren’t good girlfriends whereas girls with higher education are your best bet.

For a serious relationship, search for a Vietnamese girlfriend on a dating site or through your social circle. Or use an arrangement site if you prefer a girlfriend with benefits.

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