It’s easy to get a super hot girlfriend even if you are old, ugly, and short. You just need to understand what girls really want from a guy. One important things is that you need to develop your personality because biologically, girls want an alpha man as their boyfriend.


There are a lot of myths about alpha men. First, to be an alpha man you don’t need to be handsome. You need to be attractive. So the main point is that you have to change your appearance in front of others, you have to become a champion from a loser because girls want a champion, not a loser. Everyone respects a champion, so be a champion show the world that you can achieve whatever you want in your life.

If you want a hot girl as your girlfriend, you can get it and the secret is to understand the mindset of girls, what they want, what they don’t want and what they love and what they hate. I know it is a little tough to understand women but everything is possible if you’re putting efforts in the right direction.

Now you may be wondering, how I will talk to a girl whom I don’t even know. It is a little hard, but make efforts, try to get her attention by doing something amazing.


It totally depends upon you. You have to make the effort because no one is going to help with that. Forget about wingmen. A wingman will just reduce your chances and maybe he will be the one getting the girl.

If you want that super hot girl in your arms you have to become attractive. But what do I mean by attractive? I mean having an attractive personality. You don’t need to have a six-pack or be a bodybuilder. In order to get an attractive personality, you have to be a positive person, The person who enjoys his life. You have to be happy because everyone likes it, no one loves a guy who is negative, who has negative thoughts, no one wants to spend their time with the guy who always cries and talks negative things. Remove negative people from your life, they are making you negative as well. Always be positive because being positive is the biggest attraction. So start enjoying your life from right now and smile genuinely. Don’t fake it because when a person smile he becomes attractive instantly.

Becoming a positive person then translates to having fun. Go dancing or karaoke. That helps to change tour personality. And girls love guys who can dance or sing. Just think about that, you at a party where you are just sitting and watching that hot girl dancing and suddenly a guy comes to her and asks her to dance with him and she said yes then what are you gonna do? if you don’t know how to dance, I mean you can’t do anything because you don’t know how to dance. Learn dance men, and more importantly, don’t be shy, go ask her to dance with you. Also, try karaoke if you can sing. A nice voice can melt a girl’s heart very easily and if you can sing then it is super awesome, girls will love it. If you can’t dance well then start focusing on singing.

Next, be active. Join a gym. Go for a walk. Or go jogging. Lose a bit of fat and gain a bit more muscle. Make your appearance awesome in front of others. It depends upon you how you want to show yourself in front of others, a loser or a winner. It doesn’t matter how bad you are looking today or how bad your shape is because tomorrow will be yours if you have believed in yourself. Generally, girls prefer a physically fit guy and they also love a guy who plays sports, so start doing physical activities. You will enjoy it too.

Grow some facial hair. Some studies suggest that girls prefer symmetrical faces. A beard can make your face more symmetrical and more symmetrical means more attractiveness. In a survey held in Australia with over 8,000 women, scientists showed them 16 pictures of men with beard and clean shave, women rated the heavy stubble beard as the most attractive. Women prefer men with a beard over clean-shaven men. A beard also helps to get a strong jawline and women love a strong jawline. Make your face more masculine.

Girls always want a pretty face guy as their boyfriend. You can’t change your face but you can manage it. Girls always dream of a handsome guy. If you are not handsome, you can balance this with your personality. But you also have to work on your face. Keep your face clean. If you have pimples try to cure it as soon as possible. Use charcoal men’s products to clean your face.


Girls always notice your hairstyle, so if you are going to propose to a girl then make sure that you have styled your hair perfectly otherwise it could be a bad impression. A perfect hairstyle is a must if you really want to look handsome because hairstyle matters a lot when it comes to the first impression, so make sure you have styled your hair perfectly. Always remember to clean your hair every day, try to use shampoo every 2 days gap.

Workout Every Day. You don’t need to have six-pack abs but you need a good workout routine. Regular exercise can help you to get a better physique and a glowing skin but it is not a single day process, so don’t panic if you are not getting results because it can take several months to show changes. You have to stick with your workout plans and believe me you will surely going to get results.

Take a shower daily and be hygienic. This is obvious, no one likes to hang out with a guy who hasn’t bathed for a week.

Get enough sleep and follow a good diet. You have to stop eating sweets and snacks. Consuming too much added sugar could have many negative impacts on you like, weight gain, heart problems, and increased blood sugar. Drink plenty of water, Water can help you to reduce puffiness and redness and water can enhance your eyes observing power as well.

Take care of your eyes. Stronger eyes mean a strong personality and dull bad looking eyes don’t put a good impression on others. Use eye drops if you are suffering from a reddish or itching eye problem, it will moisture your eyes. If you have dark circles, sleep more. Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes. Wearing eyewear instantly makes you look a little more attractive, make sure, the eyewear which you are wearing is compatible with your face.

Girls always notice your smile, how cute your smile is, and how good you look when you laugh. But when we don’t have those crystal clear teeth, we afraid to laugh openly, we afraid if anyone will notice our yellowish teeth then what they will think. Brush at least two times a day, brushing twice a day will help you to fight with those bacteria that are making your teeth look yellowish. Use tooth whitening kits to get rid of yellowish teeth. Avoid foods that contain added sugar.


A confident man can attract anyone in the world. Looks matter a lot when it comes to looking handsome but looks are nothing in front of confidence. Girls love a confident man. Confidence is key to attractiveness.

Confidence only increases when you do something to lift it up. Try something in which you are confident about, try to follow your passion. Try things that you haven’t done but you want to do. T

Kill all the negative thoughts. Negative thoughts affect your self-confidence. Always think positive. Replace your negative thoughts with a positive thought, it impacts a lot when you feel insecure.

Be passionate about something. Find out and do things you are passionate about. You will automatically become more confident.

Groom yourself. Grooming yourself will build confidence in yourself.

Dress well. When you dress nicely you feel great about yourself. You feel successful and awesome. A perfect dressing sense makes a man more handsome, it is obvious that people will like to meet that man who has a better sense of dressing.

Smile. A smile gives a good impression on others when you talk to them, a smile is a positive statement that you are confident and girls love a beautiful smile so put a big smile on your face and enjoy life.

Develop a sense of humor. This is key to a girl’s heart. Girls love funny guys, girls love being around a guy who can make them laugh. Who would like to be around with a guy who is boring and talks about boring things? No one. Work on yourself and become an entertaining guy.

Look into her eyes. When you look girls into their eyes, it shows your manhood, it shows how confident are you. Whenever she looks at you just look in her eyes, it will give a better impression.

Don’t be shy. When a guy shies too much it turns off a girl. Be confident, make a girl blush for you.  Be an Alpha Man.


Girls love it when a guy makes her feel special. Do something really special for her. This could be something as simple as bringing her favorite cup of coffee. When you do something special for her, it gives a sign to a girl that you are interested in her and want her in your life.

Attention when she talks to you, even if you are not interested, just show her you are with her at every moment, it will definitely make her feel special. Remember everything about her, for example, her birthday.

Show her that you love her more than anyone else. Make her feel special, remember her special days like her birthday, tell how much you care about her.

Every guy wants a hot girl in his arms but in the order to do that you have to become more attractive. You can start with some of the improvements I mentioned in this post and then you can adjust them as you progress. Nothing is guaranteed in life. Be a positive and confident person to become attractive.

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