This Saigon dating guide advises how to pick up beautiful Vietnamese girls in Saigon. Travel, enjoy, and have fun with hot single girls and you might even meet the love of your life. continue reading to learn how to date Vietnamese women, where to find sex, and how to get laid in Saigon, Vietnam.

Saigon is situated in Vietnam and its official name is Ho Chi Minh City. Still today, many locals call it Saigon and it is a more popular name; therefore, I will call it in this guide as Saigon instead of Ho Chi Minh City. Keep in mind when searching for flights or hotels you need to search for Ho Chi Ming City and not Saigon. Saigon is the most populous city in the country with a population of almost 9 million people and if the metropolitan area is considered, the number goes up to almost 14 million people.


Saigon is home to some of the most reputed educational institutions of the entire country, and most of the women in the city are educated and they even have a higher education degree. However, they do not speak English too well. There is a sizeable population that does not even know anything about English.

Most of the women in Saigon are content with the men in the city but they do have an affinity for foreign men but often avoid being in contact with one when they have an opportunity as the lack of communication skills and unfamiliarity with English makes them feel extremely shy and under-confident.

The educated women in the city are working at some of the most reputed companies in town and prefer to be financially independent. There are quite a few women in the city who belong to the neighboring small towns and work in the city only to be able to support their families back home.

Much like the women who come from the city of Hanoi, the women in Saigon also come from conservative families. The women are expected to follow certain disciplines and they have certain roles to fulfill in society, staying out late and drink with strange men is definitely not expected from them. Women here take their tradition, culture, and orthodox values quite seriously. Hence, most of the women are shy and they do not interact with tourists freely. As a tourist, it is of utmost importance that you realize this and work tactfully to break the ice with some of the most beautiful women in Saigon.

The women of Saigon are undoubtedly stunning. They have typical features of Asian women and they make a conscious effort to look good at all times.


Picking up girls in Saigon is quite a difficult task, this can be primarily attributed to the culturally conservative attitude of most of the women in the city. They do not easily interact with foreign men, thus, it is highly recommended that if you wish to pick up girls in Saigon you must be extremely patient as women might most definitely take time to get comfortable around you. Also, make sure that you come across as a polite and soft-spoken person as this makes women at ease when they are without responding to your approaches. There are numerous good looking women in the city that you can choose from.

The chance of picking up horny girls in the city of Saigon is low, but there are quite a few sexually available women who are not extremely conservative. Nevertheless, having sex with them without being their boyfriend is a tough task.


You should first head to Bui Vien, which is a backpacker area where local young chicks are looking for Western guys. I love Bui Vien and have visited it several times, in fact, I stay at the same good hotel in this street every time I come through Saigon. The bars are generally good and whilst you always get the usual amount of attention from the massage girls etc on the street, it’s all good fun. Enjoy Bui Vien, have whatever type of massage you want, get drunk, meet the local pretty girls.

After that, head to Pasteur Street (starting from Ham Nghi towards the north of Pasteur Street). You can try your luck here and as a matter of fact, you will see expats in the bars in this area hunting Vietnamese student girls.

f you are looking for freelancers, check out Apocalypse Now. 80% of the girls in there are hookers who will go home with you for a certain price. However, be aware that these women have quite high price expectations – most of them wouldn’t do a short time for less than a million dong (43 USD, which is quite high in Vietnam), and often it’s more than that. Well, it’s all about negotiating here, these ladies are pretty hot, but if you feel that is too much for a Vietnamese prostitute, then check out Lush nightclub which is also full of freelancers – but much more reasonable prices.

Many local girls like to visit sport bars to meet foreign guys. If you like to watch sports, then it’s double fun – you can enjoy good sports and flirt with girls at the same time. Try your luck at ON Saigon Sports Pub and at Phatty’s Sports Bar and grill in the evening and night time.

The nightlife in Saigon is pretty good, there is loud music and the nightclubs are filled with beautiful women with whom you might have a chance. To get laid with some of the hottest women in Saigon, you must try and visit some of the most happening nightclubs and pick up bars as they are thronged with sexually available naughty females. Visit one of the most lively night clubs Lush to find the easiest local girls who are ready for instant hookups. Lush nightclub is open from Tuesday to Sunday and it’s located at So 2 Ly Tu Trong on District 1.


The daytime in Saigon is quite dull. The major reason is the lack of communication skills in English. Young educated girls are your best bet of finding girls who are able to communicate in English. To top that most of the women in Saigon are conservative and they do not freely interact with the men around them. Most of the women above the age of 25 are busy with their daily lives and their schedules, they have errands to run as well, this keeps them extremely occupied while the sun is still shining out bright in the sky. Hence, they don’t have too much time for men, the daily rush and hurry may not be similar to that of Hanoi, but the added disadvantage of lack of communication skills in English does add up to the woes as most women can only communicate in Vietnamese and as a tourist there are limited chances of you doing that.

Chances of picking up women at daytime are poor and only if you are talented enough to convince women you can pick up women.

The nighttime is definitely better than the daytime. Here most of the women who indulge in clubbing are the rare few in the entire city who are open-minded and liberal in their approach to life. Most of these women are certainly not the kind who care about societal and cultural norms. When you speak to these women, try to tell them more about yourself and your exploits in your country, they love listening to stories of people in far away foreign lands.

It is better to book hotel rooms in advance if you are anticipating sex later at night. This is attributed to two main reasons: the first one being that most of the hotels in the city are not couple friendly, they outright deny service to unmarried couples, so picking up a girl from a bar and heading to the closest hotel to have sex is definitely not a viable option. Secondly, while booking a hotel mention that you are with a girlfriend who shall check in later. This is because most of the hotels do not allow you to take a woman to the room if it wasn’t mentioned during check-in.

The chances of hooking up at night time are much better, the women who are out at night are liberal and you have a good chance of having sex with her.


There isn’t a culture of directly approaching women on the streets Saigon. Most of the people are immensely conservative and they don’t prefer strangers approaching them directly for romantic interests. In fact, most of the women in the city interact with strangers only when the date is set up by a mutual friend, as that friend indirectly vouches for both the parties’ character and conduct. Therefore, it is highly recommended to have a friend in Saigon to help you out and set you up with some local women. If there is no other alternative and you are being forced to back yourself. Then, one must always ensure that he is well dressed, as most of the women in the city take extremely good care of themselves and they expect no lesser from the men who are approaching them.

It is highly recommended that while you speak to most of the women, you should ensure that you speak slowly, as English is not their strong suite and they may not completely understand what you say, thus, keep it simple and slow. Whilst having a conversation, remember to not ask anything too specific and most definitely nothing too personal. This is a common blunder and will most certainly ensure that you get immediately rejected by her. These include starting the conversation by asking for her name or her number; rather initiate the conversation by telling her your name and if you wish to get her number, share your number first, this shall empower her to feel at ease in your company. She might promptly give you her number or she will text you later sometime.

It is recommended to start the conversation with random topics that involve the weather, pop culture, and food. If you can have a conversation with a woman in Vietnamese then you shall most likely impress her as they love foreign men making an effort to woo them in their native language. But remember, at the end of the day the culture is conservative and if you say things that are too aggressive and direct, you are more likely to not get any response from the shy woman in front of you.

Dating in Saigon is essential, as most of the women will not have sex with you on the first meeting itself, thus, you will have to meet her twice or thrice and take her on a date before convincing her to jump into bed with you. Thus, there are some of the simple options which include grabbing a coffee and going to a park to talk and connect on a deeper level.


As far as dressing up for partying is concerned, most of the women prefer men who have a bold style statement and aren’t afraid of experimenting with their looks, now this does not mean one must wear neon clothing. It simply means that men do not need to be too formal like the men in the city of Hanoi, smart casuals are perfect here in Saigon. As long as it does re-assure the woman that you too took sufficient effort to get dressed for the evening.


The city has a large number of HIV patients, most of these belong to the category of gay men, prostitutes, and drug users who inject themselves, thus protected sex is always recommended to all the visiting foreign nationals.

In general, Saigon is a safe city, with violent crimes such as armed robbery being relatively rare. The most common crimes faced by tourists are pick pocketing and snatch theft from motorbikes.

Scam artists operate on the streets of Saigon. A person will strike up a friendly conversation claiming they’ve either seen you at the airport or some other tourist place where they work. Usually, they’ll be with other family members who will join the conversation very naturally and once they find out where you’re from they’ll mention that another family member is moving to a city in your country. You will be invited over for food at their house to help console a worried grandmother or to give advice to their family member. Once you arrive at the house however the family member is not there, or the grandmother has suddenly fallen ill and had to go to the hospital. You’ll be presented with various business opportunities, legal or not, or asked for financial support for the suddenly sick grandmother.

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