In this Scandinavian dating guide, we show you how to pick up those beautiful Scandinavian girls, where to find sex, and how to get laid in Scandinavia. Scandinavia, Denmark, Swden, and Norway,  attracts many tourists from all over the world, so there are always good opportunities to get laid with both Scandinavians and other visiting girls.


Most of the Scandinavian girls are Caucasians with very white skin. There are also mixed races and lots of immigrates from other continents, such as Africa, Asia, and South America. Overall the Scandinavian girls are globally rated as attractive.

Scandinavian girls are good-looking in general. This Nordic region has lots of good-looking natural blondes. In all countries in Scandinavia, you can find really beautiful women, but in some cases, the girls’ looks are below the average. You can occasionally observe real gems, but a big part of the girls are chubby or carrying themselves in an unattractive way.

Girls in Scandinavia have a good attitude in general. It’s normal for them having sex even with a guy she just had met in the nightclub. In some countries getting laid is easier than others. For example, some Swedish girls are hungry for cock after a couple of drinks. Of course we shouldn’t generalize the whole population too much, in the end it’s only a matter of an individual girl and how she acts.


The girls in the Nordic countries are very open-minded. The chances of picking up girls here is from medium level to easy level. In most Nordic countries is very normal to have one night stands. Your best chances to pick up girls are usually in the nightlife scene. Most girls here like to drink and party which makes them relaxed and easygoing.

Picking up girls at day time is very possible. The best way would be to flirt or start a conversation and ask her phone number. Later in the evening, you can arrange a date with her and that might end up even having sex on the very same night. There is nothing embarrassing or rude to go and talk in a polite way to girls. If she is not interested, she will let you know and you can continue to the next one. After a short chat, you can ask if she would like to do something later and get her phone number.

Hooking up night time is easier than day time. This is because many Scandinavian girls like to drink, dance, and party. Alcohol will definitely relax the atmosphere and even the kind neighbor type of girl might shift herself to a wild cat mode.


The best places to meet girls in the daytime are shopping malls, parks, public transportation, near universities, or just on the streets. The best places to meet girls in the evening or at night are the numerous bars, pubs, lounges, and nightclubs. Every major city in Scandinavia has a great selection of nightlife venues where you can meet horny girls. Sweden has some of the world’s most famous spots for partying. You can find concerts, gigs or world-famous DJs on the famous clubs.


When visiting Scandinavia, dating can be a fun and interesting experience. The girls here love good food and a traditional quality dinner is always a good option to take your date. Just make sure if she is a vegetarian or vegan before reservation for the restaurant. If so, a steak house is probably not the best option. Remember to order a couple of drinks or wine while eating. Alcohol will make the atmosphere more relaxed and your option for getting intimate will increase.

Scandinavian girls are well educated. On a date, you can discuss almost anything from politics to business with them. Like anywhere in the world, guys with good manners and humor have the best chances with girls. Scandinavian women do not care if a guy is wealthy or not. It is more important to them that a guy has a successful career that is also contributing in some way to humanity. You can show that you are wealthy by your actions, but you should never boast about it. In Scandinavian countries, people have well-paid jobs, so the money is not that valued. Scandinavian girls might think that you’re a real jerk if you are bringing up in a conversation that you are earning a lot.

In the Nordic countries, the girls think highly about guys who are intelligent. It’s not unusual to see an average looking guy with a model look-alike girl. Reasons for this might are normally the guy is very smart, he is a real gentleman, or the guy just has amazing skills to make girls laugh. You can find people from every race in Europe. Therefore there is no standard what kind of guys have the best chances. Some girls like caucasian, and some like guys of African origin. Some girls like Latin guys and some like Asians. It all depends on the individuals.


The quickest way to get laid in Scandinavia is usually going to a nightclub after midnight or using dating apps for finding horny girls. Most of the Nordic countries have swinger clubs where you can find a naughty wife or a couple with a cuckold guy who would like to watch her wife with other men,. Also, private swinging parties are popular. There are also many websites and apps where you can find couples. Some of the swinger clubs let also single men to join the party for an entrance fee. If you feel like having sex with a woman whose husband is watching the action, then finding a single friendly swinger club might be for you.

If you are planning to search for girls from the nightclubs in Scandinavian cities, it’s advised to book a hotel or apartment near to the nightclub area. Walking distance from the clubs is a very big plus. This will help you a lot when chatting with a girl in the club, asking if she wants to join you for an “after-party”. If the hotel is 4- or 5-star, the girl will be even more impressed. Just make sure that the hotel doesn’t have a policy of other stupid rules that you can’t bring guests to your room. If the receptionist prevents the entrance of your girl, the situation will be more than awkward.


While there is a terrorist threat in European countries, Scandinavia is generally one of the least violent continents. Be more careful in Sweden as there are numerous gangs and the crime rates are higher.

In most European cities, the main risks for visitors are pickpockets and muggings. Using common sense and being aware of your surroundings can help to greatly reduce the risk of these occurrences. Alcohol is an integral part of many European cultures but overuse can lead to violence and poor judgment. In general, bars and pubs are not a place where alcohol causes these problems in Europe but it can end up being a big problem on the roads.

STDs and HIV rates vary by country. STDs occur in all European countries, so it’s advised always to use a condom if you’re having sexual intercourse with a stranger. Sometimes if you’re unlucky, you can also get an infection from unprotected oral sex.

Weed and drug legality vary by the country, but in most countries in Europe cannabis and hard drugs are illegal. You should take a look at the specific country laws where you will be traveling to.

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