This Pattaya guide advises how to pick up hookup with local women in Pattaya. You can enjoy and have fun with hot single girls and you might even meet the love of your life.

Pattaya is a resort city and a very popular destination in Thailand. The tourism here is mainly sex tourism and less about familial vacations. Hence, the destination is among one of the most sought after by single men from all over the world.


Many of the women who you will find in the city of Pattaya come from Isan, a province in the North East of Thailand, and are extremely beautiful. They are the primary reason behind so many tourists visiting the country each year. These women are the face of Pattaya’s tourism, and they are happily flaunting their beauty. Most of the women are known to be earning well, and they give priority to their families, both in love and in monetary terms. In the city of Pattaya, there are also women from other parts of Thailand. Without a doubt that most of the women are stunners. The ladies of Pattaya possess a petite structure and rarely shall you come across any woman who is obese. There are some ladies who have perfectly shaped breasts and buttocks. Most of the women have smaller breasts and a very tiny waist as well. It is this slender appeal of Pattaya women that attracts tourists to them. They often do not need to work out to stay in shape.

Many of the local women are highly sexual and possess an incredible appetite for sex. With the attention they receive from tourists, they would even hook up randomly up to three times per day. All of this does help women to earn a substantial amount of money in the city of Pattaya. However, most of the women are extremely cautious about the way that they spend their money. They seldom go on shopping sprees at expensive stores. They manage to look their best by the use of local cosmetic and fashion brands.

These women have seen some difficult times, raised in poor conditions, and their desire to quickly earn money is justified to improve their living conditions and rise out of poverty. Mostly to do this, they have to use their looks and bodies, often trading fake emotions and sex in the process. Having seen the struggle of their fellow citizens, these women help one another in times of adversity and motivate them to do better.

The women in Pattaya are immensely happy to meet tourists though, as they are an escape from reality and contribute vastly in monetary terms, and sometimes these men turn into god-like figures to help these women escape the country and a materialistic life altogether. Hence, women are always soft-spoken to visitors and travelers, ensuring that they have a good time in the country. Also, one can see these women in Pattaya, flirting, and hanging out with travelers.


Chances of picking up women at daytime are magnificent in the city of Pattaya. The game starts early in the morning, and the women are accustomed to being hit on by random men daily. Picking up girls in the city of Pattaya is quite easy. It is one of the top 10 easiest places in the world to pick up a woman. While approaching a woman, you should tell her exactly what you expect of them and if the women agree; you shall most probably be lucky. The women are extremely sexual and want to be pleasured on almost a daily basis, so do not hesitate.

The chance of picking up horny girls in the city of Pattaya is very good. The women are perpetually horny; they expect the tourists to be the same as well. These women are known to be easy to woo and irrespective of the time of the day, you shall be successful in picking up some extremely naughty females.

During the daytime, the resort city of Pattaya is a complete delight for single men who are looking to hook up with women. The women love hitting some of the most popular places in town right from morning itself. That being said it is not uncommon for men to hit on women at breakfast places or even while buying a cup of coffee at 9 am. While most of the women shall be a little busy trying to look after their daily schedules and jobs, many single women make a living out of hooking up with tourists, or even students looking to have some fun or even the random cheating housewife. Hence, during the day-time, one must remember, that the game is strong and the possibilities are endless, bars even kickstart pouring sessions by noon, and you can bed women even while the sun shines brightly on the city of Pattaya.


In Pattaya, most of the women are extremely well aware of the fact that the tourists are there to explore the city and to indulge in the world-famous sexual debauchery that happens daily throughout the year. So, as a tourist, you are not required to beat around the bush or take things slow while approaching the girls. It is essential that you be bold, talk straight, tell the women what you want, charm them with some compliments, and most importantly be charming and polite. In most cases, they shall respond positively.


In Pattaya, there is no specific type of place to meet girls during the daytime. You could choose from a shopping mall, the beach, a club, a restaurant, or even a random public place. The city is buzzing with hot women throughout the day. In Pattaya, you could meet the sexiest lady of the country and start a conversation soon it could lead to a cup of coffee, then a lunch or dinner date, it could then be a movie date, a beer on the beach while looking at the stars and then in no time you two could be in a hotel room

At nighttime, the game of picking up women is even better than the daytime and most of the women are looking forward to meeting a foreign man who can provide some financial help and satisfy their every sexual need. It is essential that you dress up well. The chances of hooking up at night time are probably the best across the globe. The women are incredibly hot and seductive. They are perpetually horny, and most importantly, they do not have high standards and are down for sex. So make sure you are ready for a night of fun and sex.

Pattaya is a party destination, and the very soul of a party destination is its nightlife. You have a few good clubs, with great music, light effects, a variety of alcohol, and most importantly full of sexy women. The nightlife in Pattaya is excellent. It is, in fact, the reputation of the city that stands tall due to the nightlife, making it a global player in the field of party destinations.


Those who wish to date in the city of Pattaya are in some major luck as most of the women of the city would love to look beyond the regular combination of partying and sex. Additionally, one does not need to work too hard either, and the average effort made by you shall also come across as something special to them. This is primarily because, most of the women of the city are treated as sex objects, they are used and thrown, often leading to lower values of self-esteem, if you can treat her with respect, make her feel special, and look at the humane side, you shall be successful in wooing her for a date. When any traveler does this, any woman from Pattaya shall fall head over heels in love with such men. Above this, most of the women in Pattaya see a steady stream of men from foreign nations, and they can’t seem to get enough of them. Most of the women are curious about their daily lives and about the country these men come from. Therefore, play these to your strengths, woo women and then take her out for a nice romantic date, perhaps even for a stroll to the beach and you are guaranteed to do well.


Getting laid is so easy in Pattaya and that is the biggest strength of the city. One does not need to roam around too much looking for suitable sexual partners. To get laid as soon as possible, one must head to the most happening parties in town. Also, one could try Go-Go Clubs and nightclubs, which are a great place to hunt for sexy women in the city.

Pattaya is one of the most prominent destinations in Thailand. Therefore, many women from smaller districts and towns head to Pattaya to hook up with men and have romantic encounters with them only to be opportunists and make some money while living the luxurious life, receiving gifts, and pampering themselves, only in exchange for sex with men, irrespective of their age. You can meet such gold diggers and sugar babies in prominent clubs, hotel lobbies, high street shopping places, and western establishments.


Those tourists who are headed to Pattaya must be warned to always indulge in protected sex. This is because there is a great threat in the city for STDs and severe diseases such as HIV. This is because of the wide-scale sexual debauchery that takes place and also because of the large number of prostitutes and lady-boys in the city. Condoms are readily available at grocery stores, medical shops, and supermarkets, so be sure to stock up.

For most people, the most hazardous aspect of visiting Pattaya is traffic. Like most of Thailand, Pattaya is generally safe for tourists and violent crimes such as mugging or robbery are unusual, with the exception of jewelry and bag snatching (usually with the thieves on motorcycles, and often with the victims on motorcycles too) which is endemic.

Beware of lady-boys approaching you with questions (“Where you from?”) and later she and/or her friend try to kiss you just in order to snatch your jewelry. In fact, leave all your gold and valuables at the room safe or even at home.

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