When you are a single man traveling solo, you have the great opportunity of hooking up and meeting new women. Visiting a new place presents the opportunity for fun, self-discovery, and adventure. What better way to explore and learn about the culture than with a local hot girl.

Where to meet women

Anywhere. Seriously, even at a funeral, you can meet women. Try the hotel restaurant during breakfast, the local park, your hostel’s lobby, or on public transportation. You can also meet girls on a flight. Yes, she may not be a local girl to be your personal guide, but it would be also great to spend the night with a tourist girl and visit places together. Again, it is simple to meet people. Remember, everyone is looking for a good time during their vacation.

Women are everywhere. Well, except at the men’s toilet (and even sometimes…)

Play the traveler card

You’re a traveler and that makes you interesting, adventurous, and that much more attractive — at least while you’re traveling. You’re already doing better than most guys. Women who are traveling often seek a good time, too, and you can be a part of it.

If you’re after a local, give her a short vacation in her hometown. Women are also after tourists like you, and there’s nothing like feeling the traveler’s spirit right at home. Embrace it! Your accent is sexy.

You have nothing to lose, since you’re leaving this city anyway! Man up and just do it.

Meet women during the day

Starting a conversation. It’s basically 100 percent less sleazy if you meet a girl when the sun is shining. Think about it. Who’s more wholesome: The guy at Starbucks, or the guy at the club?

If you have the confidence (and decency) to start a conversation with a girl while you are sober and functioning, And you’re putting your effort to hang out with her more than just that night, you’re five steps ahead of fellow travelers and locals.

Just talk to her. Chatting with new people might seem intimidating, but if you’re traveling, you’ve got nothing to lose. So what if she rejects you? It’s not like you’ll see her at work tomorrow. You’ll likely never see her again.

But given your adventure-seeking status, you’ll have plenty to talk about. Talk about differences and similarities of where you’re from. Talk about your favorite place, or favorite foods. Or have a go-to story you know makes people laugh. It’s not rocket science.

You could try some phases such as “Where can I get some authentic local food around here?”, or “If there’s one place I have to see while I’m here, what is it?” You don’t need cheesy pickup lines to talk to women – especially when you’re from some other place.

Carry something to share

A granola bar on the train could lead to a proper dinner later in the evening. Your iPhone flashlight makes you a knight with shining electronics on a dark night. Share the love and she could end up sharing more with you.

Confirm her interest

Female travelers always have their guard up. Your best bet is to approach meeting female travelers as potential friends who might turn into something more. Sure, maybe you will not get laid with her, but she could end up a great wing woman, making it 100% easier to meet more girls. Alternatively, you’re exactly what she needed to relax – or to feel safe.

It’s really simple. If a girl is interested, she’ll smile with her eyes, and try to keep the conversation going by engaging further.

Seal the deal

You’ve hung out, you’re already having a great time together, and you want to fuck her. Consider your setting. Where is she from? What are her boundaries? Don’t raid the fridge if she’s just offering a snack.

Subtle transitions of hugs, arm touching, holding hands, and dancing are great indicators of understanding whether or not she’s into you. Don’t be a sleaze. Don’t be creepy and put out bad vibes, whether physically, verbally, or even virtually via a computer. But is perfectly ok, to tell to a girl “I just really want to kiss you right now.” It is forward, polite, and honest. And shows your confidence.

Closing Thoughts

Language and cultural barriers might exist, but some things transcend those obstacles. Meeting a woman while exploring a new place is just a bonus. And if she isn’t interested, who cares? You’re never going to see her again. But if you succeed, well, that is a great memory from your trip.

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