Some people asks me, how do I pick up a girl on a bus ride without being creepy?

Well before the answer, I need to tell you, it is not that hard. No, you will not succeed all the time. But you will succeed some times. You just need to have the courage to talk to a girl in front of many other people and show confidence.

You could introduce yourself like this, for example, “Hi, sorry for intruding, but I see you on this bus every day and each time your smile makes my day a better one. I’ve been far too shy to ask you until today, but …”

Now, this can results in:

  1. “Could I pay you back for this pleasure by inviting you to a cup of coffee.”
  2. “I would love to get to know you better.”
  3. “Could I have your number?”

Exact wording does not matter – it should sound like something you can say naturally. It does not have to be dramatic either – the only compulsory parts are “hi” and something that indicates that you would like to spend more time with her. And do not be alarmed when other people start giggling – that’s a perfectly normal reaction.

If she has any sense of humor, she’ll be delighted to talk with you. If not, take it easy and smile. You are still alive.

If she rejects you, say “I understand. Sorry for bothering you.” Smile, wave at her and take a seat far enough from her to show that you respect her privacy. Don’t bother her anymore, unless she starts greeting when you enter the bus you later on. If she does, it’s fair to have small talk.

Don’t let anyone ever shame you into thinking approaching a girl you’re interested in is, in and of itself, creepy. Just go ask her out.

It really is that simple. A lot of times people ask me all these desperate questions and I just tell them to go make small talk. Ask her out. Do whatever you want.

And they react like “noo…. that’s too simple.” Well, yeah. it is. Your problem isn’t complicated. Your just overthinking things because you want to put off the inevitable: ask her out.

And don’t sweat what happens next. She may say no. Or yes. No big deal either way. Just think of something to say and give it your best. People with experience don’t worry about this stuff. Once you ask her out, your next try will be even more fun and less nervous.

The “creepy” is social conditioning. Nothing creepy about liking a girl and approaching her to get her number, whether on the bus, train, bus stop, cafe, book shop, or even gym.

Just dress good always, look your best, smell good, etc.

You may hear a lot of people saying to not do this and that, but that’s due to their own fears and experience or lack of experience.

Just be confident, smile back and walk right up and talk. Be confident, talk, converse then say…

“I’d like to continue the conversation over a cup of coffee. What’s your number?”

That’s it.

Nothing fantasic or amazing. It’s as simple as that.

Just be fun, relax, and talk.

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