This Bangkok guide advises how to pick up Thai girls in Bangkok. Keep reading and enjoy it.

Bangkok is the capital and most populous city of Thailand. It is known in Thai as Krung Thep. Bangkok is a huge city where you can find also lots of girls with mixed backgrounds. Bangkok has a population of over 8 million and 1.5 million females between 20 and 40 years old. Thousands of beautiful Thai girls are living in this city. You can also find girls from different Asian countries and also mixed from Western countries.


Thai girls are pretty with black hair, dark skin, and slim with nice bodies. Boobs are usually small or medium, and they look really nice with a slim body type.

I particularly find Asian girls attractive. Thai girls are one of the most high-rated girls in Asia by their looks. However, not all guys like Asian looking girls. But if you, keep reading. Thai girls are extremely warm, friendly, and welcoming. They like to laugh a lot and very rarely show if they are having a bad day. They are good in the bed and they like to satisfy their partners.


Picking up girls in Bangkok is simpler than in most locations around the world. In Western countries, girls are often very picky, and they would usually demand you to be young and good looking. In Thailand the culture is different. The normal local girls are usually interested in you, even if you are old and not handsome. They are more interested in the guy having a good heart, be respectful to their families, and attentive to the girl.

Picking up girls in Bangkok is really easy for a foreigner. Usually just coming from a Western country will attract many Thai girls. Thai girls are extremely positive and welcoming foreigners to their country. If you’re African or from the Middle East, hooking up with Thai girls is more challenging, but that is changing lately.

Bangkok has really good options for daytime games. Many of the Thai girls are a little bit naive, so you have plenty of pick up lines to use. Some girls for example would be impressed if you’re just asking would they like to go for ice cream someday now.

Hooking up with girls at night time is easy. You can meet local girls every single night in Bangkok. There are partying and clubbing 365 nights in a year. Bangkok has hundreds of nightclubs and bars. The best party nights are from Wednesday to Sunday. You should also understand that some of the nightclubs are popular with sex workers. This is good to keep in mind, in case you want to hunt for a prostitute.

When visiting Bangkok, dating can be a fun and interesting experience. Going for a date with a Thai girl is pretty simple. Local girls like almost any idea you will bring them. You can go to a decent restaurant for a dinner and she will be happy. You can also go to the cinema or for a drink. Thai girls usually are open to any ideas.

Depending on the girl and her language skills, you can talk pretty much about anything you like on a date. If she doesn’t speak English too well, you should keep the conversation as simple as possible. Making funny jokes is a good option to reach a relaxed atmosphere.

It is quite easy getting laid with local girls. Sometimes you can even nail it on the first date even at day time. If you’re going to have some drinks in the evening, your chances of getting laid will increase. If you can’t nail it on the first date, it might take a couple of dates before having her to your bed. This really depends on your skills. If you’re confident, good-looking with a sense of humor, having sex sooner is obviously easier. Thai girls love to laugh if you’re a kind gentleman.

Some local girls in Bangkok are willing to have sex right away, even at day time! If you’re confident and charming, you can sometimes even bring your date to your hotel room at day time and get laid. The quickest way to get laid is probably using dating apps and chat with as many girls as possible. After a short flirting chat you will recognize which girls would be in the mood for having fun right away. You can tell her that you are leaving the city tomorrow and would like to have fun before that. Most girls are conservative about this subject, but there are also wild girls who like to have sex with foreign guys. Bear in mind that some of the open-minded girls in dating applications are sex workers. Make sure before meeting her that she is not looking for money!


Bangkok is one of the best party capitals in the whole world. You won’t be disappointed if you know the right places. There are endless options for different kinds of venues for having fun and picking up girls.

There are tens of huge shopping malls where you can meet nice girls. Just go and talk to them and they probably will be interested if they are single. Do not try to get a phone number. Most of the local girls are using a messaging app called LINE (similar to WhatsApp). It’s a good idea to download the LINE app before going to ask her LINE ID.

Besides shopping malls, you have many other good spots to hook up with girls at day time. You can go and talk to them at parks, at the skytrain, subway stations, on the streets, and at food stalls.


If you’re thinking of getting laid as soon as possible at night time, you can also head to the nearest nightclub and start your searching there. Just remember that also in nightclubs some of the girls are prostitutes. Try to make sure early in the beginning of the chat is she working or just having fun. This will save you from an awkward situation.

  • Levels Club & Lounge, 6th Floor of the Aloft Hotel, No.35, Sukhumvit Soi 11, Sukhumvit Rd.
  • Ce La Vi, a rooftop club on the 39th floor of the massive Sathorn One Building.
  • Royal City Avenue (RCA), one of Bangkok’s largest entertainment and clubbing area. Located on in Huai Khwang district, RCA is a long street located between Rama IX Road and Phetchaburi Road. It contains a multitude of bars, nightclubs, and live music venues. RCA, a government-designated Entertainment Zone, is frequently visited by young people.
  • Insanity, location: Sukhumvit
  • Beam, location: Sukhumvit


To hook up with both tourists and local girls visit Khaosan Road. Khaosan Road is a short street in central Bangkok. There are lots of low budget hostels and guest houses where backpackers like to go. There are tons of bars and nightclubs in this area and every night is a party night. On Khaosan Road you can find lots of young single female travelers, but also many locals like to come and party in this area. Most of the local girls who are partying in Khaosan are interested in hooking up with foreign guys. Backpackers are getting wasted here every night, and picking up a girl is so easy.


When you are looking for girls in Bangkok, first you will need to decide what kind of girl you are looking for. If you’re searching for a fancy hi-so type of girl, you should dress smart-casual. If you are going on a date with a posh girl, don’t do it wearing flip flops and shorts. If you’re looking for a regular girl, then you can have casual clothes. Remember that if you’re going to popular nightclubs, you’re not welcome in with shorts and sandals. Some of the nightclubs also rent long pants at the entrance which you can wear and enter the venue.

If you show you have money and doing well in your life, many girls in Bangkok are more interested in you. Local girls appreciate it if your life is economically balanced. Remember that there are thousands of super-rich families living in Bangkok. When going to a restaurant, you should always pay for the full bill.


Given its size, Bangkok is surprisingly safe, with violent crimes like mugging and robbery unusual.

There are a couple of things to bear in mind when you’re hunting or dating Thai girls.

If you are going to hire a bike, make sure you have insurance in case you are injured. You may be the world’s best driver but you’ll meet many of the world’s worst drivers in Thailand. You also need to have a motorcycle driver’s license; the one for driving cars is not enough and you will get fined.

First of all, sometimes it’s super hard to figure out the age of local girls. Some girls who are over 30 years old might look like teen-agers. If you’re dating or hooking up with a girl, make sure that she is not under-age! The age of consent in Thailand is 15 but is 18 for prostitutes. And you should on top follow the laws of your own country, where maybe you can only have sex with girls over 18. Penalties for sex with minors are harsh. All adult Thais must carry an identity card, which will state the year of their birth according to the Buddhist calendar.

If you’re getting laid with a local girl, always remember to use protection! You can find condoms in all 7-elevens. If the girl is willing to have sex without a condom, that’s alarming! You probably wouldn’t be the first one she would have sex without protection. There are some serious STDs in South East Asia. Many of the girls in Bangkok also carry HIV, especially sex workers. Always use protection when having sex in Bangkok! In Thailand, 1.1% of the population carries HIV, which means that 440.000 people have the virus. Therefore you shouldn’t ever put your health at risk.

Some girls might already have children, but she is too shy or just don’t want to tell you about that. Especially some of the girls from the countryside are going to Bangkok for making some cash for a couple of months, and she has left her kids with the family waiting for her return. She might also have a husband. Some of the countryside girls are going to the capital working as prostitutes. Obviously, they will tell a totally different story for you and her family. If you’re dating a married girl, you might get yourself into trouble if her husband will find out.

If she is a gold digger from a poor family, she might try to get consciously pregnant in a hope of better future.

Obviously, there are also honest girls in Bangkok who are altruistically in love with you, but it’s highly recommended to make sure that this is the case if you’re going to support her by sending cash.

Drugs are illegal in Thailand, and the penalties are really harsh! Even dead penalty. Getting in trouble with drugs and law enforcement is the last thing you want to get yourself into! Sometimes police officers can come to you and make a body search for no reason. Body searches are rare, but it happens occasionally.

If you want to avoid other fines, make sure not to throw garbage or cigarette butts on the streets in the Sukhumvit tourist area. Sometimes the police put a small sign that says littering will be fined. If you get caught by throwing something on the ground, they will ask you money for that. The fine is actually quite harsh.

Bangkok does have more than its fair share of scams, and many individuals in the tourist business do not hesitate to overcharge unwary visitors. As a rule of thumb, it is wise to decline all offers made by someone who appears to be a friendly local giving a hapless tourist some local advice. Short-changing tourists is reasonably common as well, don’t hesitate to complain if you are not given the correct change.

Never get in a tuk-tuk if someone else is trying to get you into one. Most Bangkok locals do not approach foreigners without an ulterior motive.

When getting a taxi, it is a good idea to hail a moving taxi from the main road or to walk a short distance out of a major tourist area before looking for one. This is no guarantee of honesty, but greatly increases your chances of finding an honest driver, of which there are plenty in Bangkok, even if it sometimes seems that every driver is on the make. There are some taxi drivers who switch off their meters and insist on an unreasonable price. Most of the untrustworthy drivers are the ones standing still in tourist areas. Another important rule of thumb is to insist on the meter for taxis and agree on a price in advance for tuk-tuks. If they refuse or quote silly prices, just walk out and get a different one as they’re rarely in short supply.

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