Approximately two-thirds of Thai bar girls have born and grew up in Isan, the poor northeast province. They have the standard 6 years of government-funded education and have worked on a family rice farm during the planting and harvesting periods. Most of them have moved from Isan to large cities like Bangkok to work in difficult and low-wage jobs paying just 300 baht per day (9 USD per day), for example at textile factories, helping a street food vendor, etc., during non-planting/non-harvesting time.

These girls didn’t go to entertainment places until entering prostitution. They were brought in by a trusted friend, eased into prostitution slowly but now easily goes with any man.

They are happy with their current occupation, having lots of fun hanging out with their friends in a fairly stimulating environment with good money. They bring or send some of that money to their provincial home regularly. Their families don’t know they work as a prostitute. Or if they know, they ignore it.

They lack self-discipline when it comes to developing skills useful for other work or for saving any money for the future. They have a very simple outlook on life. They mostly like to be with friends as they tend to be in groups in the bars, eat Isaan food, and wake up late. In this environment, they have become skilled to some extent at “entertaining” foreign men and lying to them to get as much money they can from them.

More than half have children with a deadbeat Thai father, ex-boyfriend, or ex-husband, which adds financial pressure. Their children are being raised by parents in the province, not Bangkok. This adds significantly greater than average monetary pressures from home, for supporting children, siblings, and parents.

These girls live in an apartment populated with other prostitutes. They will wake up in a hotel room with a foreigner who will wake up very horny in the morning and fuck her a couple of times more. Then they will go back to their own room to sleep more until late. They will go out to eat some tasty, spicy Isaan food on the street, with friends. And then they will take a motorcycle taxi to their bar. They will get a new customer, drink lady drinks with him, and go for more boom boom in the customer’s hotel room late that night.

This is their life day after day after day. Until some guy tries to make a bargirl into a girlfriend. But this task is usually a failure. Only very few guys succeed. Most prostitutes are unfaithful, dishonest when it comes to where they are and what they’re doing, and consume large sums of money.

Successful relationships, especially in terms of faithfulness, often occur with Thai girls who are made girlfriends within the first few months of entering the business. Often, the boyfriend is one of the first customers. A girl is not marriage material after she’s been in the business for several months. But beware, they can lie to you when telling for how long they have been working fucking men.

Working as a prostitute for several months will result in the development of a kind of mindset towards relationships with men that will be quite different from non-prostitutes. They will not be able to have true sexual gratification, i.e., orgasm with a man. Their experiences in prostitution, combined with training from their peers, will change them.

After a prostitute has been with a few men and decided to stick with the business, the frequency that they are willing to go out with additional men will skyrocket. They get hardened and “addicted to the hunt” so that even after they have a boyfriend willing to support them financially, they will tend to go back to the scene when given a chance.

You can’t reform a prostitute. People normally don’t change. If a girl has been a prostitute for a long time, she already forgot her ethic, morals, and values. You can’t make people into what you want them to be. You must find someone who already has the natural traits you want. If you want to marry a prostitute who will cheat with many other men, then you should marry a Thai bar girl.


A wise man once posted on Internet “Don’t marry a Thai bar girl”.

When it comes to saving yourself, you must accept the realities of bargirl girlfriends. You can do something about yourself, but it’s awfully difficult to change other people significantly.

If you marry a pretty bargirl, she will be approached by many men. Thai girls are easily approachable, and most western men know this. These girls are easy targets, both in Thailand and perhaps even more in a Western country. If you marry a Thai prostitute, many men will fuck your wife. Unless you keep your eyes 100% of the time watching her. That is not a healthy way to live and have a relationship. So only marry a Thai bar girl if you are a cuckold and ok with her fucking many other guys.

If you’re thinking of making a bargirl into a girlfriend, then you should think it thru in advance and have realistic and reasonable expectations.

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