The city of Hamburg has a well-deserved reputation as Germany’s Gateway to the World. It is the country’s biggest port and the second-busiest in Europe.

Prostitution is legal in Germany and sex workers must pay income tax on their earnings like in any other job. However, the social stigmatization of prostitutes persists and many prostitutes continue to lead a double life. Authorities consider the common exploitation of women from Eastern Europe to be the main problem associated with the profession.

The Hamburg police say there are about 2,400 people working as prostitutes in Hamburg, and between 500 and 700 in the nightlife districts of St. Pauli and St. Georg.

Hamburg is also one of the few European cities where Window prostitution is still being practiced without legal implications, just like it is in Amsterdam.

Hamburg has a big variety of Escorts. Most escorts advertise online and the newspapers. Average cost is 150-300€ for one hour.

You can also hook up with a local girl in Hamburg. For this the best is to visit Hamburg’s nightclubs on weekends. Many German girls like to party and they are quite open-minded for having a one-night sexual relationship with a foreigner.


There are two main red-light areas in Hamburg Reeperbahn and Herbertstraße.


Reeperbahn is one of the biggest red-light districts in Europe and it is one of the best red light districts in the world. The area is also one of the safest for adult fun for both tourists and service providers. You can visit some of the best strip clubs in the world and you can also hire a provider because prostitution is legal. Amsterdam’s De Wallen gets a lot of attention when it comes to the world most famous red-light districts, but Reeperbahn is as good as De Wallen. Reeperbahn and the surrounding areas are packed with bars, clubs and whores!

The famous red-light and party district of St Pauli is the heart of Hamburg’s nightlife. The area truly comes to life after midnight. Here, erotic bars and sex shops peacefully coexist with old sailors’ pubs and modern discos. On the one kilometer Reeperbahn and the surrounding streets and squares, everyone will find their perfect spot for an unforgettable night.

You can find cheap student bars like Ex-Sparr and sophisticated cocktail bars like Glanz & Gloria. Lively Irish pubs like Molly Malone and Thomas Read, and legendary live music venues like Große Freiheit 36 and Docks. Electronic and house DJs reign at Halo, Moondoo, Villa Nova, Baalsaal, and Prinzenbar. Rock and alternative music fans will feel at home at Molotow and Gruenspan, while Mojo is famous for dancefloor jazz. Those seeking amazing views of the city’s skyline to accompany their beverage of choice will love Heaven’s Nest and 20up.


Herbertstraße is a street in the St. Pauli district of Hamburg, located near the main red light district Reeperbahn. This narrow street is notorious for prostitution. You can find around 250 women working here every night. The prostitutes sit in windows waiting for customers. Please note that it is not allowed to take photos on Herbertstraße.

When you arrive, you will see gates and signs saying  only adult men are allowed to enter the street. Women are not allowed. Often whole groups of tourist women stand in front of it and are disappointed that they are denied access. The women mostly react with incomprehension and disappointment, because only “real” men are allowed in. But in fact, there is no law or regulation that actually prohibits access for visitors. Even if the gates say “No access for young people under 18 or for women”.

No police officer will be able or even want to enforce this statement. And yet everyone – especially St. Paulians – adhere to it. I advise for women not to enter because a violation could quickly degenerate in verbal or physical abuse. The signs are there at the request of the prostitutes because – and this is more than understandable – they do their job there and do not want to become a gawked attraction.

The gates have been there since 1933. Prostitution was officially banned by the Nazis. Since a ban on the trade typical of St. Pauli could not be consistently adhered to or should not really be enforced, prostitution was only tolerated in one alley – in Herbertstrasse. So that nobody could see something that was actually not allowed, the gates were placed at both ends of the street. Today they are still there – simply because no one has taken them away. This is how the last intimate sphere of St. Pauli is preserved.

Renting a girl from the window is more expensive but safer than a street hooker from the Reeperbahn.!


Prostitution scene in Hamburg is big. There are thousands of whores in the red light districts. You can get laid from as little as 30 euros.

Regular street prostitution is very well organized and even street prostitutes pay taxes. The city charge the street prostitutes an amusement tax, that the street hookers must pay at parking meters. The same fee is collected from sex workers in apartments and brothels, sometimes by municipal tax collectors in person. Some street whores have a nearby caravan, others use the customer’s car, still others use hotel rooms.

Street prostitutes can be founded in the streets of Reeperbahn. At night time there are so many street hookers standing in line. Average sex price in Hamburg is 50€, including blow job and intercourse. Make sure you negotiate before taking the girl to the room.

You can also find active street prostitution scene from Süderstrasse. Price is usually same 50€ in Süderstrasse, but you can bargain it down to 30€ if you know how to negotiate.


Hamburg is generally a safe city. However, watch out for pickpockets, especially in the area around the Central Station, on the Reeperbahn, in buses and trains, and any other crowded places. Beware when walking along Reeperbahn after dark. Sometimes prostitutes walk in groups and might try to pickpocket you.

Be very careful when entering a table dance bar at the Reeperbahn. Many of the clubs have the reputation of ripping off the tourists with the bills. The most common trick is that a girl in the bars aks if she could order something to drink. If a positive answer is given (and a positive answer could be even the slightest movement, without even saying it), she is most likely to order a bottle of champagne of up to 500 Euro or more. If the customer is unwilling or incapable of paying the bill, he/she will be escorted to the nearby ATM to withdraw the cash. If you happen to be in such a situation, try to attract the attention of the police, in the end, you could get out with a smaller bill.

Also be very careful, especially in the weekends, at the S-Bahn Station Reeperbahn, as this is the place where the party-goers board in/out of the trains, and very often conflicts between drunk teenagers or groups arise. There is a high security and police presence on the platform itself, as in the trains as well, but still keep an eye on the groups and, when possible, stay out of conflicts.

Some women are scamming people on the Reeperbahn in Hamburg, both streetwalkers, who will take you to an apartment, and women in windows on Herbertstrasse. They will agree to things for 30 or 50 Euros, take your money, put it away out of the room, then return and demand more money and never render the service. Instead, they will insist you go to an ATM for more money. Never pay anything in advance, just show her the money if the girl insists you to pay first. If showing the money is not enough for her, just walk away.

I can’t stress enough this warning about the activities of the street girls-prostitutes who congregate outside the pubs. They will tell you that they charge 30€ for sex in a nearby room. If you don’t carry cash they would escort you to any of the many ATMs around. They would stand and watch, no doubt clocking the PIN number. They would then take you to the room, but your wallet is already gone and on the floor next to the ATM. Shortly afterwards a female colleague would appear at the same ATM and would try your card with the pin texted to her. Leave your wallet and mobile with a friend or at your hotel safe while you go with the girls!

Be safe and enjoy in Hamburg!

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